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The LEGO Foundation offers  live sessions! Anyone can join: whether you are following the current online course, have assisted to a previous webinar or are just curious.

These monthly interactive sessions are all independent and have specific topics and a special guest. 

We can already announce our first guest, for the January and February sessions Per HAVGAARD, Learning Through Play Educator at the LEGO Foundation.

This will be a great opportunity to exchange live, share experiences/knowledge and challenge each other to go further with LEGO Braille bricks! 

  • LIVE SESSION #3 - February, Thursday 10th 2022, 5-5:45 pm London Time

Educators mindset

 To facilitate learning through play, the educator’s mindset is absolutely fundamental. By being more specific about the different ways to play and learn, and affordances of each kind of practice, educators can make informed choices about how to incorporate play into their practice, knowing that this play isn’t just fun and games. It is learning at its best.

  • LIVE SESSION #4 - March, Thursday 10th 2022, 5pm London Time


 LEGO Braille Bricks are not only for beginner readers.  Do you want to discover how to use them for advanced math? Do you already use them for that and want to share your experience with us?

  • LIVE SESSION #5 - April: Sunday, so Monday 11th 2022, 5pm London Time

Science - computing

 Have you ever thought of doing science, computing science with LEGO Braille Bricks? Expert guest will join us for an amazing session!

  • LIVE SESSION #6 - May, Tuesday 10th 2022, 5pm London Time


 Let's discover together how to make music with these famous bricks!  Many of you have great creative ideas, come and share them!

  • LIVE SESSION #7 - June, Friday 10th 2022, 5pm London Time

Orientation & Mobility

 LEGO bricks to build plans, visualize routes, it's not new!  But with LEGO Braille Bricks you can also create labels, add letters, words… Then it becomes really great!