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What We Mean by Learning Through Play 

Mette Hauch, Facilitation Innovation Specialist at LEGO Foundation

The aim of The LEGO Foundation is to re-define play and re-imagine learning – but what does this mean exactly? What is Learning through Play, and why is play so special? What holistic skills do children develop when they play? This hands-on workshop will allow participants to reflect upon and discuss “what is play”?

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Play Facilitation in Theory and Practice 

Per Havgaard, Sr. Facilitation Specialist at LEGO Foundation 

Let’s investigate how to best facilitate using learning through play principles. In a mix of workshop and lecture, you will be introduced to the core Learning through Play pedagogical framework that The LEGO Foundation has developed together with leading experts within Learning through Play pedagogy.


LEGO Braille Bricks, all about braille and bricks 

M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

What’s in the box? Let’s open it and discover the amazing adventure of LEGO Braille Bricks! All you ever wanted to know about braille and bricks!


Pedagogical concept, Play-based Teaching Method

M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

Follow an introduction to the LEGO Braille Bricks pedagogical concept.  

Learn how to use a selection of holistic skills and playful activities with LEGO Braille Bricks to ensure children develop the skills needed to navigate an uncertain and complex world.

Let’s discuss and build a strong international community of practitioners!


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

Learn how to encourage and facilitate the understanding of bricks and their manipulation.

Watch, in a real school setting, children participating in two playful activities:« Save the Turtles » and « Caterpillar into Butterfly ».


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

 Discover fun ways to introduce brick position and the importance of their orientation.

View children as they learn and understand through play about vertical/horizontal in « Find the Crazy Duck » and right-side-up positioning in « Apple Trees ».


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

Understand the importance of introducing alternative methods to promote knowledge of the braille cell and stud arrangement.

Watch children at play become physically engaged while they discover the constellation of dots in « Body Braille Twister » and « Six-Car Parking Lot ».


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

Identify creative approaches to introduce understanding of the unique differences between braille characters.

See children in two activities: « Musical Letters » and « The Bull Pen » as they learn to read letters and numbers.


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation 

Discover fun ways to teach that the concept of correct braille brick arrangement produces meaningful words.

Watch children identify letters, read and write words in two literacy activities: « Hidden Word » and « Words and Space ».


M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

Discover fun ways to teach that the concept of correct number braille brick arrangement can produce math calculations and geometry to solve problems.

Watch children identify numbers and develop their ability to perform basic math in two numeracy activities: « Battle » and « Perfect 10 ».

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M&M, External consultants at LEGO Foundation

 Let’s share practical ideas to sort the bricks and prepare the base plate.

Great opportunity to build tricks and get ready to use LEGO Braille Bricks with your students!