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Have fun written in Braille

Roll and Pick Numbers

10 min2 participants

Search, identify and collect specific number bricks on a base plate in a peer-play activity.

Let's play!

  1. Player 1: Roll the die, read it 

  2. Player 1: Find all the bricks on the base plate that are the same number you rolled.

  3. Player. 1: Place them in your bowl

  4. Player 2: Follow the same directions and take turns until no bricks remain on the baseplate.

The winner is the player with the most bricks.

How to prepare

  • 1 base plate

  • 1 number sign brick

  • 12 number bricks (2x “1”, 2x “2”… 2x “6”)

  • 2 bowls

  • 1 die

Place all the number bricks anywhere on the baseplate, in various positions (vertical, horizontal)

Facilitation tips

  • Explain “Number sign brick placed once on the top left corner of the baseplate indicates all bricks are numbers.”

  • Suggest “Can you imagine a math story using the same rules?”

Possible variations

  • Use 2 dice and write numbers up to 12

  • Place uneven numbers of equal bricks

Download & print

  • Download in .docx
  • Share via email

Children will develop these holistic skills


  • Stabilize knowledge of small numbers: Associate the written number, constellations of dice, finger configurations, dot cards corresponding to a counted quantity (up to 10)


  • Engage in solitary play activities for an ability appropriate amount of time


  • Share rules, roles and responsibilities


  • Participate with other students in both leadership and follower roles


  • Discover the “spatial organisation of a page”: Take reference points in the page

Did you know?

« Play is intrinsic to the human being from birth. It is a source of knowledge, relationships, interactions and learning. It is from play that every child comes to form his or her individuality and role in the community. » Jennifer Vega

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